Sometimes things change for a reason,
Friendship becomes something more.

But in life,
You should remember,

You don't know what's in store.
We shared everything together,

Our laughs, tears, pains,
But in the end we were always there for each other.

We said we’d be friends forever,
I want to tell you so much,

But I’m afraid this promise of eternal friendship will end,
Which is why the words I want to say won’t seem come.

If I don’t tell you now,
You will never truly know how I feel.

Time will move on,
As people change

There will be regrets and maybe,
I might have one day knowing I could’ve told you.

You may be alarmed after hearing what I have to say,
I just have to tell you before It’s too late.

In the time I've known you,

The amount I cared for you
increased every moment I thought of you.

No matter what you decide,
I’ll always consider you a friend.

I’ll always be here to care for you,
I’ll always try my best to comfort you.

What I’m trying to say is……
I love you…..

by: Saru14

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